Random acts of kindness Encourage Play

Random Acts of Kindness for Families

Inside: Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness families can do together. What a great way to encourage kindness and empathy in your children and connect as a family.

Donate books to the library- We took some of our old books to the library a few months ago, and now we have even more to donate.

Donate items to Goodwill from Kid World Citizen

Leave fun items for kids at the park - We live right down the street from a park. We have some extra sidewalk chalk laying around, I think we’re going to leave some at the park for someone else to enjoy too!

Popcorn Surprise with a free printable from Coffee Cups and Crayons

Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids in the Hospital from the Idealist Mom

Do something nice for a neighbor - Our neighbors had a baby a couple of years ago, and we wanted to do something kind for them, so we made them snacks and I made them a baby blanket.

Giving away homemade hearts from Meri Cherry

Burying Treasure at the Playground - I love this idea from Pennies of Time. We have some small toys in the basement, we’re totally doing this!

Gifts for Dance Class - We had such fun doing this!

Thank you note to the UPS driver - He’s so friendly and I order A LOT of things. Sometimes really heavy things. I think it would be kind if we wrote him a nice thank you card.

OTHER Places to Get Ideas

  • Here are 100 Acts of Kindness from Coffee Cups and Crayons
  • If you need some ideas for random acts of kindness - check out Pennies of Time - the entire site is dedicated to teaching kids to serve and doing kind acts. There are lots of great ideas here.
  • Boom Boom Cards - You can do random acts of kindness and track it online! There are different packs you can use as well.
  • Random Acts of Kindness.org is also a great place to start to get some ideas for acts of kindness to do with your family

Shop and Give

Here are some places where you can shop and give at the same time:

mytwill.com - For every item you buy, you can donate a blanket to a charity of your choosing. The blankets are made in the USA,100% organic and super soft.

Toms.com - When you buy a high road backpack, you help support bullying prevention programming in schools.