10 Easy Winter Crafts!

Ten Easy Winter Crafts Encourage Play

Since it’s really cold here, we’ve been spending a lot of time inside over the last few weeks. I’ve been looking for some new crafts to keep us occupied. I’m always looking for quick and easy activities to do with the kids. I like to find activities where we already have all the required materials at home, or something that can easily substitute in if we don’t. Here are 10 of my favorites that I found through Pinterest.

Cut out snowflakes from newspaper from Buggy and Buddy - My kids like making snowflakes anyway, and we always have extra newspaper around. I also recently got more painting supplies. This looks like so much fun!

Sew a Mitten from The Jenny Evolution - My daughter recently did an activity at school based on Jan Brett’s book, the Mitten. She asked to do another one with her brother. This looks quick and easy!

Egg Carton Snowman from Life with Moore Babies - I love using recycling for crafts! What a great way to use egg cartons. These would make great decorations for the winter time.

Polar Bear Arctic Craft from ABC Creative Learning - These are so cute! I can use the googly eyes I recently found after cleaning up my arts and crafts supplies.

Snowman Paper Dolls from In the Playroom - I love all the decorating that can happen after the cutting is all done. You can get so creative, adding on whatever embellishments you want.

Wax crayon water paint frosty pictures from Nurturestore - We’ve done a similar activity before and we loved it! Kids can draw anything, and the effect with the paint is really cool looking!

Cork crafts snowman from Red Ted Art - I have a LOT of corks around my house, and this is a simple and great way to use them.

Paper Plate Pop Up Snowman from Crafty Journal - I love a good paper plate craft, and this one even pops up!! My kids want to do this one immediately!

Q-Tip Snowflakes from Simply Mommie - Such a simple craft using something that we have a ton of in our house right now.

Snowman Slam from Growing a Jeweled Rose - My kids love to bowl, and this is an awesome way to do this in your house without worrying about things breaking :-)

What are your favorite simple indoor winter activities?

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