3 Types of Stress Balls: Which one is best?

As a counselor, I have seen my share of stress balls. I’ve seen a tremendous variety of the store bought ones: the ones that have eyes that squeeze out, and the ones that look like a soccer ball, a basketball, a smiley face or the world. I’ve also enjoyed making my own stress balls from different materials over the years.


As we were making my son’s coping toolkit (see this post for more information), we made a few different types of homemade stress balls.  All of them used balloons, but we tried adding in 3 different materials to see how it would feel.

For our materials, we used flour, rice and playdough. Each of them feels different and I wanted to have both of my kids try them all to see which one they liked the most.

I put our homemade playdough into one of the balloons (see more about how we made that here). Getting it into the balloon was tough to do! Because of this, for the remaining two stress balls, I decided to cut the tips off of the balloon and wrap another balloon around it.

This also has the added benefit of making the stress ball more sturdy. For both the rice and the flour, I put the materials in sandwich bags first, then put them in the two balloons. So far, this has prevented any explosions, which is impressive because my little one loves to squeeze these as hard as he can!

Once all the stress balls were completed, I had the kids test them out to see which one(s) they liked the best. My daughter loves the squishiness of the playdough stress ball. My son couldn’t decide, he likes them all!

Have you ever made homemade stress balls? How did you do it?

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