5 Books to help kids start off the school year!

It's almost back to school time where I live. I thought it would be helpful to give you five books that can help kids start the school year off on the right foot. They're all designed for kids to read, but it's a great idea for parents to read the books too so they can help support their children. Parents can help kids identify a goal, like changing a habit or managing emotions in a more effective way. Reading one of these books together can also be a great conversation starter in a family.


Get Organized Without Losing It - this is a great book to help kids who struggle with executive functioning tasks. This book covers setting up a homework area, managing school areas like your locker or desk, using an agenda, and managing time. It's really helpful to start these habits early in the year!!


Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain - I used to read part of this book to all of my 4th grade classes as part of our anti-bullying program. This book covers the importance of assertive body language in bullying situations and different ways to deal with bullies. I love the use of humor in this book, the kids always giggled even during the small section I read.



How to Make & Keep Friends - I love this book so much. It's written especially for kids who struggle with picking up on social cues. Read my review here!




What to Do When You're Scared and Worried - This is a wonderful resource for kids experiencing anxiety. There's sections that help you identify what kind of anxiety the child is experiencing. Chapters go through specific activities and strategies to manage the feelings.



How to Take The Grrrr Out of Anger - I've used this book for a long time, for those kids who have a hard time controlling their anger. The book helps kids identify quick ways to cool down, and goes through identifying and practicing more long term ways of coping with anger.



Please read one and let me know what you think!!


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