8 Great Reads on play, special needs, parenting and education

Here are 8 articles I’ve found recently that I absolutely love. I’ve shared them on social media, but I wanted to put them together in a blog post to share with all of you. Check them out and let me know what you think!

8 Great Reads by Encourage Play



4 things kids don’t need - This is spot on! Kids don’t need more gadgets, more toys or more stuff. The author has some wonderful suggestions of what kids do need. It’s hard to narrow down, but my favorite is time with parents and siblings. We’re working on including special family times every week so we can reconnect.

25 amazing toys made with cardboard - I love cardboard. It’s such a versatile toy. Some of our favorite toys have been made out of cardboard. My daughter still asks for the puppet theatre we made when she was in preschool. It’s gone now, but we do plan on making another one soon :-)


Special Needs

Dear Sibling to a Child With Special Needs, Let Me Tell You Why You’re Amazing - This is such a wonderful article, speaking directly to the siblings of kids with special needs. These siblings can get easily overlooked, so it’s great to have this focus on them and how it affects them as they are growing up.

Confessions of a Special Needs Parent: Please Don't Praise Your Kid for Playing With Mine - This is perfect! Children with special needs are children first. Children who want connections with others and friendships. Focusing on the disability diminishes that. There are such great words of wisdom in this article.

“Be proud because they see a friend first and not the disability, please help them to keep it that way.”



Just a mom - This article spoke directly to me, because I’ve been there, thinking I was “just a mom”. Going from being a professional working full time to staying home full time can be jarring and leaves you floundering to figure out who you are. Never sell yourself short. Read it and be inspired.

11 questions that will make your child happier - I love questions that generate conversations within families, and these are great questions focused on happiness, empathy and helping others.



10 obvious truths about educating kids that people keep ignoring - Education is talked about so much these days (reform, standardized testing, common core, etc). These 10 truths don’t come up in these conversations. The school counselor in me is especially focused on #6 and #7.

Letting kids move in class isn’t a break from learning, it IS learning - Using movement and play are great ways to help kids learn. The teachers mentioned in the article incorporate movement into lesson plans. Great stuff!

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