A Peek Inside our May Subscription Box

As some of you know, Encourage Play started a subscription box service in January. I wanted to give people a more in depth peek inside what goes into one of our subscription kits. Here’s a look at what was in our May subscription box!

Encourage Play's May Subscription Box

May’s theme was Flexibility

What exactly is flexibility in people? It’s not about being physically flexible, but more about having a flexible brain. Part of it is being nice but it’s so much more than that. It's being willing to not go first, not be the one who's always in charge, not be the one who's always telling the other person what to do or what you will play when. It's giving other people a chance to have it their way instead of having it your way all the time. When kids are flexible they tend to do better in social situations. It makes other people feel good and other kids want to be around a kid who is flexible.

However, you also want to make sure that your kid isn't being too flexible. They shouldn’t always let somebody else have a turn first, always giving somebody else the first choice of what color they want to be when playing a game or always having somebody else go ahead of them. You’ve got to find a balance.

May Subscription Box Play Date Kit

Here are two playdate activities designed to help kids think flexibly and have fun!

Play Date Activities

Invitation to Create:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Beads

Using your flexible mind, create anything you want with these two items. It could be a person, a creature, a structure or anything else you can think of. Here's a picture of some of our creations.

Flexible Creations from Encourage Play's May Subscription Box

Flexible Pictures

  • Silly Putty
  • Paper
  • Pencils

Using a blank piece of paper, draw or write anything you’d like on the paper using the included pencil. Then take the silly putty and spread it over the paper. Then carefully peel the silly putty off the paper and the image will be on the silly putty. How cool is that? Now you can stretch it and bend your picture.

Stretchy Picture on Silly Putty from Encourage Play

Family Activity

Included in the kit is a flexible brain. This brain can be used to talk about flexibility. Have the kids gather items made of different materials. Items from outside might include a rock, a leaf, a flower, a stick, etc. Some example items from inside include pillows, legos, stuffed animal, cars, etc. Set a limit on how many items, 5 - 10 total. Once all the items have been gathered, work together to figure out which items are less flexible than the brain, and which items are more flexible. How many items are harder? How many are softer? Is anything the same flexibility as the brain?

When you talk with kids about being flexible, focus on finding a balance. You don't want to be too soft (like a pillow) but you don't want to be super rigid (like a rock). Discuss examples of how to be flexible in different situations, like while playing a board game, or getting ready for bed with your sibling, or doing a craft with someone.

I hope you enjoyed your peek into our May kit. June’s theme is working together. Sign up by June 21st to receive this month’s kit!