A Tour of My Home: How We Live In Real Life

I love when my home is organized and clean. Before kids, I was able to see to it on a pretty regular basis. But all that changed when we had babies. They had so much stuff, and the stuff just accumulated. As they’ve gotten older, we’ve been able to get rid of bassinets, cribs and baby gates, but now we have a ridiculous amount of toys, games and collections.

I’ve struggled with keeping up not only with their clutter but just the regular everyday clutter of a home, so we have tons of stuff around here that we just don’t use anymore. And while I look around and want to take care of it all, I also want to be mindful of how I’m using my time. Do I want to be constantly cleaning? Or do I want to play with my kids or just relax and watch a show at the end of the day?

A tour of my home: how we live in real life from Encourage Play

My husband and I realized just how bad it was a couple of weeks ago. We were putting together our daughter’s new bed. As we were taking all the stuff out of her room and putting it all back in. We realized just how out of control our house has gotten. It’s ridiculous and we need to find a balance in cleaning & de-cluttering and having downtime.

Our family’s goal right now is to simplify and reduce clutter and keep things clean. But we have stuff EVERYWHERE. It can be super overwhelming, so my husband (so brilliant) suggested a plan. He said we should do a little every day and involve the kids. This way they learn how to do it too, but it’s going to take some time. Every day we’ll spend a few minutes finding a few items to either donate or throw away or find a home. This is definitely a work in progress, and we haven’t gotten very far yet.

As we were looking at our disaster of a house, I found out about the Keepin' It Real Home Tour and thought that this would be perfect to participate in. This week, I’m joining a wonderful group of bloggers who are doing a real life home tour. All of us will have some fun showing you how we live and we hope that you chuckle and recognize that other families are going through the same thing you are.

keepin it real spring home tour & blog hop

My house in real life:

Dining Room

This is really my office space, homework area and business center. It’s quite a multipurpose room. But we never actually eat in here. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we actually ate in here.

a tour of my home: my dining room by Encourage Play

The Kitchen

Is it me, or are there always dishes in the sink? The dishwasher is clean, but not emptied yet. On the table, we still have dishes from breakfast and the game my son and I played after we finished eating.

The Living Room

We probably spend the most time in this room. Right now, it has the bosu ball in it all the time because my son is a mover and a shaker. He likes to bounce on it randomly throughout the day. We have a designated toy area, but obviously during the day the toys get pulled out and played with, and we are always doing arts and crafts. We have scrap paper on the floor constantly too.

A tour of my home: living room by Encourage Play

Downstairs Bathroom

We did some de-cluttering in here already, so this is one of the spaces that looks a little better than before. However, we actually keep our portable air conditioner in this room when it’s not plugged into a window during the summer months. So there’s that.

A tour of my home: downstairs bathroom by Encourage Play

My Daughter’s Room

It’s a work in progress. We used to use this as an office, so she still has some office supplies in here. Over the next couple of weeks, we plan to move a lot of stuff around in our house to move out our old office supplies. We’re really working on helping our daughter learn to de-clutter. She wants to keep everything!

My Son’s Room

He is the tidier of our two children, but he still needs some help to put things away. He likes to play with duplos and his white board in bed, so he always keeps a stash of blocks and markers on his dresser.

My bedroom

Our bedroom also doubles as my husband’s office during the day. I recently participated in a #mommyreality challenge where I showed off the contents of my end table. Check out what it looks like!

a tour of my home: bedroom nightstand

We want to see your homes too!!! You can join us and share pictures of your home on Instagram. For the next six days we will have an Instagram challenge; each day will have a different topic for you to post a picture on. Check out the graphic below to see what is assigned on each day. Be sure to use the hashtag #KeepinItRealHomeTour on all your Instagram post so we can find each other easily.

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