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As many of you know, we love to dress up here. We have a dedicated dress-up area and we pretend play all the time. Recently, we’ve made a pretend grocery store and we’ve been pirates on a treasure hunt. Every once in a while I like to add in a few more things to the dress-up area. I've made homemade tutus before; my daughter loves them and they're pretty easy to make. I made her a tutu as part of her costume last Halloween. As I was going through the dress-up chest recently, I noticed that I have made a lot of things for my daughter but I haven't made a lot of things geared towards my son’s interests. He loves the ladybug wings we have, but I wanted to update the dress-up chest to reflect some of his favorites as well.

I went to the dollar store and found some cute items. I was able to get a little cowboy vest, an army hat & vest and a knight’s chest armor. He immediately put on the knight’s chest armor. He seemed thrilled to have new dress up items. Then I got inspired to get crafty! I made him a Batman costume for Halloween but I wanted to alter it so he could put the cape on without needing to put the shirt on too. Here’s the altered result in action!

                                                                                             Batman cape in action!!

                                                                                            Batman cape in action!!

I was inspired to keep going and make some more capes. When my daughter was little she was very much into the Wonder Pets, so much so that I made her a Wonder Pets cape. It's gotten a little bit small for both of them, so I wanted to make new capes for both of them. I have way too much fabric in my house, so I was able to make them two capes out of some material. I also made superhero masks. So much fun!!

blue cape and green mask by Encourage Play
Flower cape and pink mask by Encourage Play

I have so many more ideas!!

My plan over the next few weeks is to add in:

Wings - they love the ladybug wings we already have, and I thought we should have some more

Doctor’s coat and mask - We currently have a doctor’s kit in there, and I think they’d love a coat and mask to go along with it

Headband ears - because they’re adorable!!

Cardboard swords - to go along with the knight’s armor

Fun colorful scarves - a versatile dress up item they could use for whatever

Here's a peek at some other great dress up ideas over on Pinterest

What items are in your dress up chest?

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