Basics of making a phone call

Being able to call and speak to someone on the phone is a skill everyone needs to have. Some kids need a bit of guidance when making phone calls.  Here is a quick reference guide for kids to use when calling a friend.


1. Find a quiet spot and dial the correct number, sometimes you may need to include an area code too.  


2. Listen for someone to pick up the phone and say a greeting, like “hello”


3.  After they have greeted you, say “Hello, may I speak to _________?”


4.  If your friend answers, you can ask if it’s an okay time to talk.  If it is, go ahead and start discussing your main reason for calling (homework assignment, talk about an event, see if they want to come over and hang out, etc)

5. Try not to talk over your friend on the phone. You want the conversation to go back and forth and you want to hear what they are saying so you can respond in an expected way.


6.  If your friend is not there, then you can thank the person who picked up and say you will call back later.  You can also leave your name and number so your friend knows it was you, and they can return the call at another time.


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