Book Review: Crowned!

My daughter absolutely loves princesses and fairies and all things pink and frilly. I like to look for books about topics she enjoys but I also want to find books that are empowering. The book Crowned fits that bill perfectly. This story is about a little fairy who wants to be queen but isn’t sure how to do it. She reads all sorts of fairy tales and tries to be queen by doing what fairy tales say to do to become queen (kiss a frog, lose a shoe, etc). But in the end, she ends up finding out that she can become queen just by her own actions.

I read this book to both of my kids. They loved the illustrations and the story. They keep asking for me to read it again and again. They both said their favorite part of the story was the ogre, because it was a little scary and a little silly at the same time! My daughter was fascinated by a section at the end where the author writes about several different powerful queens who really existed. I thought that was fantastic. Both my kids and I would recommend this book. What a cool message!


I received the e-version of the book Crowned in return for my honest review of the book.

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