Book Review: How to Make and Keep Friends: Coaching Children for Social Success

Update: I heard from the authors that this book is being re-edited and not available currently, but will be back soon!

This is the companion book for parents and professionals to their first book which I recently reviewed.  As a professional and a parent, I think this book is practical and helpful.  It’s a quick read and, again, it is divided by the different challenges kids might be experiencing.  You don’t have to read it from cover to cover, but just flip to the section you need.  I love that they give simple words and sentences that either parents or professionals can use.  I know I’m always thinking of positive, different ways to help address these issues, and I’ve already used a couple of the sentences they suggested in my own groups.  I particularly like the last section where they put all of these words together in one section.  I recommend this book as well!


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