Getting to Know You Tumbling Blocks

Kids sometimes have a hard time figuring out what questions to ask to get to know someone.  It can be hard to generate ideas and ask them in a way that doesn’t feel weird.  When I was a counselor, one of my colleagues introduced me to the idea of writing on tumbling blocks to help start conversations.

I created the Getting to Know You Tumbling Blocks game based on this idea.  The set includes 48 blocks, each laser etched with a unique question designed to encourage players to learn more about each other.  Place 3 blocks together going one way then 3 going the opposite way on top of the first blocks you placed. Keep going with this alternating pattern until all the blocks are in a tower. Now you’re ready to play!

Each player takes a turn and pulls out one block.  The player reads the question and answers it before they place it on the top of the tower following the alternating pattern.  Whoever knocks down the tower first has lost the game.  Rebuild it again and again for interesting conversations!

This game can be used during a family game night, during a school lunch group or on a small play date.  This is a great way to practice conversation skills, learn more about others, and just have a lot of fun. Order it here!