Christmas Coffee Filter Snowflakes

This project started out as a way to keep the kids busy while I was making dinner one night. For some reason, I was really determined to make coconut flour tortillas. I’d seen the recipe on Against all Grain and they looked intriguing. However, the kids were having a difficult time being together and not irritating each other. In order to keep them busy, I took out some coffee filters, folded one and showed them how to make snowflakes. They loved it! It kept them busy enough that I was able to get all of my coconut flour tortillas made (they were delicious, by the way).  

coffee filter snowflakes 1 by Encourage Play

It was neat to watch their progress with each snowflake. By accident, my daughter took two coffee filters, and she thought the result was awesome, so she did it again on purpose. My daughter was able to fold the coffee filters herself, but my son needed a little more assistance to get the folds just right. They both were able to cut the snowflakes by themselves with supervision. They enjoyed it and it kept them entertained. My daughter said “This is a fun project!”  My son kept trying to figure out what objects his different designs made. “Does this one look like a monster yelling?” or “These look like direction pointers”.

They made a ton of snowflakes while I cooked, and then after a little while went upstairs to play together.

  I think the one on the right one looks like a Dalek...

I think the one on the right one looks like a Dalek...

After we made all the snowflakes, my daughter asked if we could decorate with them. I thought that was a great idea, but it also seemed like the coffee filter snowflakes would not last too long on their own. I decided to use some mod podge and put them on red and green construction paper to make them a bit more sturdy. While we watched a Christmas movie, we glued all the snowflakes down. And by we, I mean my daughter did a few and I did the rest :-)

We let them dry overnight, then we cut them out the next day. My son did an awesome job cutting a lot of them out, and my daughter hole punched them. We attached pipe cleaners to each snowflake, then strung them on some twine. We had enough to make two garlands, so we put one in our living room and one in our dining room. It makes the rooms look so festive! I can’t wait to see what it looks like after we get our tree and finish up all of our decorating.

We have so many more snowflakes, I might try backing them with plain white paper and see how that looks.

coffee filter snowflakes 3 by Encourage Play

Do you make homemade decorations for the holidays?

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