Cinnamon Ornaments: Bake and No Bake

Cinnamon Ornaments bake and no bake by Encourage Play

A couple of years ago the kids and I made cinnamon ornaments that you baked in the oven. It made the house smell amazing and put me in such a great Christmas mood. I wanted to try it again so I started pinning to find the recipe. I found this post from Lovely Little Kitchen. Then I found this post from Growing a Jeweled Rose, which is a no bake ornament recipe. I was feeling ambitious so I decided to try both.


First, we started with the baked ornaments. For some reason our applesauce was really soupy so we had to add in lot more cinnamon to get the dough less sticky. I think I may have rolled it out a little too thin because it was hard to keep it all together. Once I rolled some out, the kids had a good time with the cookie cutters.


We ended up having to roll out the dough three times and were able to make two cookie sheets of ornaments. Some of those broke in the cooking process (totally my fault, I’ve got to remember to make them thicker next year) so we will not be hanging all of our baked cinnamon ornaments on the tree. Regardless of how many broke or how crooked/bumpy they are, when they were baking, they made the house smell AMAZING. And it lasted for a couple of days. I would totally recommend doing this if only because it smelled so good!


 Here is our crumbly dough on our really messy kitchen table.

Here is our crumbly dough on our really messy kitchen table.

Then we made the no bake ornaments. Well, to be more accurate, my daughter and I made them. My son decided he was done making ornaments and played with yarn instead, wrapping it around just about anything he could get his hands on. The recipe calls for flour and salt. We used what we had on hand: whole wheat bread flour and kosher salt. I'm not sure if this had any effect on the ornaments, but they ended up being a bit more crumbly than I was anticipating. They were pretty easy to roll out and to cut with the cookie cutters. We made about a tray of these. They smelled great too, but it didn’t permeate the house liked the baked ones did.



I made the mistake of not placing the no-cook ones on parchment paper so one side of the ornaments got a little discolored. We picked out the best from both batches, put yarn through the holes and hung them on our tree. Not Pinterest perfect, but a neat addition to our tree, and some really fun memories!!

Cinnamon Ornaments on Tree by Encourage Play
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