Displaying Kids Art

As you may know, I do a lot of projects with my kids.  They also go to school, and that means they also bring home work and projects every day.  For a while, all their projects were collecting in piles around my house and I was sneaking to recycle them every couple of months. I wanted to figure out a way to display their work, but i didn’t want to have it in the kitchen.  We spend a lot more time in our living room and dining room, and I wanted to see their projects more regularly - they’ve created a lot of fun things!  I saw a few ways to display their work on Pinterest, and I was inspired by this one from Design Improvised.



Our living room and dining room are separated by an extra wide entryway and seemed like a good spot to display art  There were already nails up at three key spots in the wood, thanks to the previous owners! I took some string and tied it to the nails. Then I took some plastic clothespins and hung them from the string.  For all the projects I wanted to hang up, I attached either pipe cleaners or yarn to the backs and hang them from the clothespins.  Someday I’ll upgrade to wooden clothespins, and maybe even make a project out of decorating them.



When they come home with an especially adorable project, we take one down and put up their new one. Sometimes, my daughter will even say, I think we should hang this one up! Every once in a while, I’ll change the whole display. We will sometimes look and talk about when the projects were made (we made that one with our favorite babysitter! or I made that one at school). The display adds a playful element to our home and we all enjoy looking at it.  


How do you display your children’s artwork?


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