Encourage Play is now on YouTube!

Encourage Play now has a YouTube channel

I love using videos when working with kids.  It’s a wonderful way to teach about different social skills and calming strategies. I always preview what I’m going to show the kids and think about what our focus will be. I will often pause the video in the middle to have a conversation about a scene we’ve just watched.

I’ve written before about using videos to talk about personal space with kids. I’ve been gathering different videos that I’ve found helpful and I finally created an Encourage Play YouTube channel so that I can share them with you!

There are several categories on the channel I’ve created so far, Videos to Help Kids with Social Interactions, Coping Skills, Play Matters, TED Talks I love, Resources for Parents and School Resources too. I plan to continue to add relevant videos to my channel as time goes on.

I created a video specifically about our monthly subscription kits. That video goes into detail about the benefits of the subscription box and what you can expect to get each month.

My goal is to add more videos as time goes on. Be on the lookout for a video introducing Encourage Play, how the business got started, and why I do the Pinterest in Real Life series.

Are there any videos you think I should add to my playlists? Or videos you think I should create? Let me know!