Fall Garland

My daughter has been asking to do a project, and I wanted to do something that was related to fall and involved leaves. The trees in our backyard usually lose their leaves very late in the fall, so I decided that we could use paper leaves instead of using real leaves for a project.


Materials needed:


  • 10 sheets of construction paper in fall colors - brown, orange, yellow, green and red

  • Pencil

  • Straws cut into 1” pieces

  • Yarn

  • Stencils of leaf shapes (optional)

  • Yarn needle (optional)


 Here are the basic shapes we used in different colors

Here are the basic shapes we used in different colors


We took sheets of construction paper and folded each piece of paper over twice and drew two leaf shapes on each of them. This way, when we cut the leaf shapes out, we had 8 leaves from each piece of paper.





Fall Garland leaves by Encourage Play



You could use stencils to trace leaf shapes to make them uniform, but I just chose to free draw them. For each leaf on the garland, we used two of the matching cut out leaves. We taped a piece of a cut straw to one leaf then we attached the second matching leaf on top with another piece of tape. This way, if the garland twists, you would still get a leaf on either side. Once we put the leaves together with the straws in the middle, we strung them onto a long piece of yarn in a random order. Using a yarn needle makes this very easy, but you could also just stick the yarn through the straw, it might just take a little longer.



We hung our garland above the couch in our living room. It's the perfect touch of fall to the space where we spend the majority of our day.

Fall Garland 3 by Encourage Play

It took us a while to make (we worked on this project on two different days), but my daughter was invested and helped with all the steps along the way and enjoyed the entire process. In case you were wondering, my son was with us, but doing his own thing. He was not interested at all in the garland, but he chose to cut up some papers for other projects instead :-)

What’s your favorite fall project to do with your kids?

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