Family Fun at University Station

I just recently heard from a dear friend that University Station in Westwood is starting to open stores and more will be coming soon. It feels like that construction has been going on for so long! My family and I were given the opportunity to visit a couple of the shops there on a Sunday afternoon and we had a wonderful time as a family!

We have a Michael’s near us, and I’m constantly there. But you know what I’ve never really looked into? The kids programming they have. When we went into Michael’s at University Station, they had tables set up with activities for the kids and there was face painting! The table was beautifully decorated. I love pirates and treasure chests and treasure maps, so I was absolutely in love with the tables as soon as I saw them.

My daughter loves crafting, so she immediately went to sit and get started on a frame for her dad for Father’s Day. However, she wanted it to be a surprise for her dad. Did I mention this was a whole family trip? So he was standing in the same room, but she was somehow hoping to keep this a secret for Father’s Day. She even told him to go to another part of the room so he wouldn’t see! Once she was done with the frame for Father’s Day, she decided to make a frame with Hello Kitty duct tape. I saw some awesome duct tape there while I was helping my daughter with her Hello Kitty frame for herself. There’s even bacon duct tape!

My son wasn’t into the craft, but he was all about the face paint. He got Mike Wazowski painted on his face and loved it. After my daughter had crafted for a bit, she took a break and also got a seahorse and some seashells painted on her arm. We even had some treats from Panera while we were there. We had a good time and were wrapping up, but then we heard that we were able to go and try out Orange Leaf!!

I’ve never been to an Orange Leaf before, and now I’m adding it to our list of places to go for a sweet treat. Their frozen yogurt is delicious and they have a variety of flavors and toppings. I decided to go fruity with mine - pineapple frozen yogurt with blueberries, strawberries and coconut. My son likes to keep his fro yo simple, just chocolate :-) And my daughter has a killer sweet tooth - she got peanut butter and chocolate swirl with hot fudge and marshmallows on top. Yum!

University Station has a ton of shops, and different places to eat - there’s even a Panera, which I love. I’m also interested to see what Wegman’s has to offer, I’ve never been but I’ve heard great things. We’ll definitely be back to check out more shops and restaurants!

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