Fun Activities With Recycled Materials!

Fun Activities with Recycled Materials Encourage Play

I love to encourage my kids to play with materials from around the house. Play doesn’t need to have a ton of expensive toys. Some of my kids favorite ways to play include using materials they gathered out of the the recycling bin.

Recycling Invitation to Play

When we were in Toronto last summer, we didn’t have a ton of toys so we used recycling to make some toys. They got pretty creative with our limited items.

Playing with Cardboard Boxes inspired by Not a Box

We love the book Not a Box (and Not a Stick).

Oatmeal Container Planetarium

A cool activity we did to make stars. You can make real constellations or create your own.

Recycled Musical Instruments

There are so many different instruments you can make using recycled materials. We enjoyed our cardboard box guitar a lot!

Recycled Musical Instruments from Encourage Play

Puppet Theater

We made a puppet theater out of duct tape and cardboard - two of my favorite materials!

Jet Packs for Stuffed Animals

Right now, we still have two stuffed bears wearing jet packs in our house. I saw a kid version of it and I just had to make a stuffed animal version of it. Is it Pinterest perfect? No, but I had fun making them the the kids are still enjoying playing with them

Halloween Crafts

I always save toilet paper rolls and paper towels rolls. They’re versatile and can be used in all sorts of crafts.

Here’s my Pinterest board Creative Recycling for more inspiration:

Check your recycling bin and have a playful day!

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