Fun and Easy Science Activities

My kids are very interested in doing science projects these days. It all started with some failed science experiments we did after we read a Magic School Bus book. Even though things didn’t go as expected, the kids have a fantastic time and kept asking to do more science projects.

 An underwater volcano!

An underwater volcano!

My daughter got a science kit for her birthday, so we’ve been doing a lot of those activities too. There are a few different experiments that you can do with the kit. We did one experiment where we tested to see whether some common household items were acidic, basic or neutral done and made two different types of mini volcanoes.

They keep asking to do more, so I’m always looking for simple science activities to do with the kids. Most of our science projects have involved vinegar and baking soda. My son likes when we do the “explosion activities”, so I always keep those ingredients on hand now. I’ve found these simple and easy fun science activities you can do with supplies you already have at home. We did several of these experiments, check out the pictures below!

Celery Science - All you need is celery, water and food coloring...and a little patience :-) After a few hours, we could see the colors, and they were much more vibrant after they sat overnight. It makes me want to try it with flowers next.

Dancing Raisins - We did this, and it finally made the raisins dance!! I’m not sure why it didn’t work before, but the kids thought it was great the raisins actually moved this time.

Make a cloud - My kids were fascinated by this experiment. They had some concerns about me lighting a match, but they were able to get past it. My daughter initially didn’t see the cloud forming until I pointed out the difference between the clear water below and the cloud area above. They asked me to do it again :-) So much fun!

Salt Volcano - This was very cool to watch. My layer of oil was pretty thin, and we put a lot of food coloring in, so it quickly turned dark. The kids still loved it!!

Shaving cream rain cloud - This is gorgeous! Again, the kids put in a lot of food coloring, so initially it looked beautiful and the colors poked through and rained down, then all the colors eventually fell through and turned the water black very quickly. Take it easy with the food coloring :-)

Walking Water experiment - very cool to see!! You could actually see the water moving almost immediately, and by mid-afternoon, we could see the water coming into the middle jar already. They were fascinated and actually watched the water moving along the paper towels for a few minutes.

Growing Ice Activity - Of course, I found a Frozen inspired science activity. I have tried to do it three times, but I keep putting the bottles in the freezer and forgetting them. Next time, I’m going to put on a timer!

A water bottle fountain - I used duct tape instead of blue tac and it still worked. The kids loved watching the fountain, and then my son played with the balloon for the next day :-)

Make a penny turn green - There’s other activities at the end of the post you can do too!

Blow up a Balloon with Baking Soda and Vinegar - this seems like a fun activity my son would love. It uses all his favorite science experiment materials!


For more science fun, take a peek at my Pinterest Board for Science Play Date Activities.

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