Gardening with Kids

One of my big goals this summer was to get back to gardening. Before kids, I gardened every spring and summer and enjoyed all sorts of fresh vegetables. After kids, it got a little tough to get out consistently, so I stopped doing it for a couple of years. This year, the garden is back in full swing. I’ve wanted to get the kids involved with gardening too. Here’s what we’ve done together:

Gardening with Kids from Encourage Play

The kids picked out what they wanted to plant

We went as a family to get the plants. The first time we went, we got some more frost tolerant plants since it was earlier in spring. We got lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, radishes and lemon thyme. I’ve never grown cauliflower or radishes or carrots, so it’s all new for me too as we watch the plants get bigger and bigger. We also picked up butternut squash and zucchini seeds (my favorite!)

Later on, we went back to pick out some strawberries, cucumber and a big tomato plant. Then we also picked out some smaller flowers for our fairy garden. Because they got to pick plants and vegetables out, the kids are invested in watching them grow. They like to check on the gardens with me, to see what’s growing and to make sure no weeds have taken over.

We planted together

My daughter is able to focus on the task longer, because she really is excited about gardening. After we got our last batch of things to plant, she was ready to put them in the ground immediately. My son needed to take a break and do some running and bouncing in the backyard. It worked out for everyone (for the most part). I kept an eye out for him while getting things organized for the garden and planting with my daughter.

We take care of it together

They help me by watering the garden. They take turns holding the hose or using the watering can. Occasionally, there are cries of "she got to do it last time" or "I didn’t get a turn yet". But we are able to make it through all that. We have to water all the time, so everyone will get plenty of chances.

We’re making a fairy garden

We have a big tree in the back of our yard that is a perfect spot for a fairy garden. We are starting on it piece by piece. So far, we have cleared the area (which took about 3 lawn bags full of sticks) and we just planted some flowers back there. Over the summer, we plan to add more parts to our fairy garden, like a door made out of popsicle sticks, and maybe a little swing. It will be an activity to keep us busy throughout the summer.

We’re also making a bean teepee

I’ve wanted to do this bean teepee for soooo long. My son picked out the beans. They’re sprouting and soon we’ll need to add the string for them to climb and create the teepee.

We started some flowers from seeds

My daughter loves flowers. She picked out some marigold seeds and sunflower seeds. A few years ago, we had the hugest sunflowers in our front yard. It was amazing to see how big they grew and our neighbors got a huge kick out of them too. I wonder how big they’ll grow this year!

If you love gardening, try getting your kids involved. It’s a great way to spend some time together doing something outside. If you’ve never tried gardening, try it with the kids. It’s always wonderful to try something new together with your family.

Here’s my gardening Pinterest board. Look and get inspired :-)

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