How To Run a Lunch Group

I've been running groups as long as I can remember. I co-taught groups as part of my internship, and it seems like every counseling job I've had since then has required me to run groups. I've run groups on fire setting, anger management, improving social interactions, divorce, etc.


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While I was a school counselor, I ran 20 groups a week. These groups were more general lunch groups. We focused on getting to know one another, talked about the current happenings at school, growing up, allowances, middle school and anything else they wanted to discuss. I loved it! It was always my favorite part of the day and always kept me on my toes. I never knew what the kids were going to say and I heard a ton of hilarious statements over the years.


I loved running lunch groups so much I decided to write a how-to guide to set up a successful lunch group program from beginning to end. I've included all the resources you need to get started, including a survey to give to teachers, a letter to parents and enough questions to last you all year. Stop by and get it today!

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