Invitation to Create: Spring Time Theme

My favorite season is spring. I love when the new leaves are coming out on the trees, I love the forsythia plants that are the first to bloom around here, and I love getting a little more time outdoors. The kids and I have been having fun doing several winter projects, but it’s been a long hard winter and I didn’t want to do any more winter themed projects, especially since it was snowing again. I felt like it was time to move on to some Spring crafts and activities.

Invitation to create spring theme Encourage Play

My mother (a former school teacher) just gave me a bag full of cardstock. She knows how much the kids and I love to craft and figured we could put it to good use. It was all pastel colors that reminded me of spring, so I put several different colors of paper out for the kids to choose from. I set out foam stickers with bugs, butterflies, frogs, leaves and flowers. I also put out some of our regular supply crafts: markers, tape and scissors. I told them they could create anything they wanted. They both got started immediately.

My daughter made a two sided project. On one side of her paper she made a frog pond and placed the frog stickers around her drawing. On the other side, she made a scene with bees and butterflies flying through the air.

Frog Pond Invitation to Create Project - Encourage Play

My son loves cutting and taping things. He cut a small strip of paper, rolled it, taped it and put some leaves on it. I believe he called it a holder for a leaf. After they were both finished with their initial projects, they decided to keep crafting, but with some other supplies that were around - specifically felt and cardboard.

If you are looking for some other Spring themed projects, check out my Pinterest Board for Spring Activities for kids.

Only 16 more days until Spring!!

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