Invitation To Create: Turkeys

Invitation to Create Turkeys by Encourage Play

Sticky...     Gooey...       Wet...

My hand is covered in blue paint.

How did this happen? I thought we were making turkeys??!!

I’ve been seeing so many cute ways to make turkey crafts on Pinterest over the last several weeks. Check out what I found on my Fall Activities and Crafts board. I knew I wanted to do a turkey craft before we celebrated Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t decide on which Pinterest project to do. Instead, I gathered some materials and set up an invitation to create for my son.

I set out:

  • white paper plates
  • cardboard tubes
  • feathers
  • leaves from our yard
  • paint
  • mod podge
  • construction paper
Invitation to create turkey 1 Encourage Play

We started working on our turkey creations. The first thing he wanted to do was cut his paper plate into four quarters.

He decided he wanted to make a pattern of feathers and leaves on one side of his turkey and he wanted to leave the other part of his turkey blank. I asked him how he wanted to decorate the cardboard roll, and he said with blue paint (his favorite color).

He painted his roll, then painted a little picture on a piece of construction paper. Then he asked if he could paint his own hand. I said sure and he made a hand print on another paper plate.

Then he asked me if he could paint MY hand. After a very slight hesitation, I said yes. He was so very focused on painting my hand well, and he wanted to make sure I had enough paint to make my own hand print.

Invitation to Create Turkeys 2 by Encourage Play

We let the separate parts of our projects dry for a  couple of hours, and then we finished up our projects by connecting our toilet paper rolls with our paper plates. By that time, my daughter was home and really felt like one of the turkeys needed glitter glue on it’s face, so she added it.

I was excited because my son seemed to have a good time playing. He’s not always interested when I set out projects (like the time I set out this invitation to play and he didn’t touch it) but this time he actually did it!

But I think his favorite part was that I let him paint my hand. He loved that :-)

Let your children play and create.

And, just as important, allow yourself to let go and play too.

The paint was cold and sticky, but it was fun to get messy. It was also a blast to see my son's face when I said yes.

My challenge to you is to take a few minutes and be silly or get messy with your kids. See what happens.

Have a playful day!

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