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I sometimes think that social media sites like Facebook make parents feel like they’re inadequate.  It’s hard to remember that people tend to post only the best times, and don’t post when their kid is having a meltdown or when they’ve stayed in their jammies all day and eaten cereal for dinner. I’ve tried to post when things aren’t going so well, to inject some reality into my Facebook feed. For example, last year I posted about when I had to leave an full shopping cart at Target because my son was in the middle of a (completely age appropriate) tantrum. I managed to not spill my Starbucks coffee while holding a squirming preschooler. That was my reality that day, and I wanted to let other people know that it’s okay and it happens to all of us.  


There are times when I have homemade kale chips for the kids for an after school snack, but sometimes I go down to the corner store and get them those unnaturally orange crackers with the “cheese” in the middle for snack.  There are times when we go on lovely nature walks together, and other times when they sit and watch 4 episodes on “My Little Pony” in a row.  I do Pinterest projects with my kids. Sometimes they’re pretty, and sometimes they’re really not.  


I stumbled upon the Mommy Reality Challenge several weeks ago, and I fell in love with the concept. I appreciate being real about parenting: the good, the bad and the ugly.  Right now, my car is kind of nasty, I have junk areas instead of junk drawers and it looks like a Lego store blew up in my living room. Life with kids is not always pretty, or clean, or organized, nor does it always go as expected. Let's all stop being so hard on ourselves and be thankful to find a community with other parents experiencing ups and downs just like we do.

Last week, I won the Mommy Reality Challenge with my pictures of snacks for kids and snacks for adults at our first cousin sleepover. Since I won, I get to be a guest co-host for this week :-) Here is the next challenge in the Mommy Reality series:

retro mommyreality

Welcome to the 18th edition of the Mommy Reality Challenge! If you've been with us for awhile, it's good to see you again. If you're new, it's nice to meet you! Please join right in like you own the place and stuff! (Don't be like this uncool lady who would rather just observe our uber-coolness).

fullhouse gif

The Mommy Reality Challenge is a way for us Moms to share the real in our lives and be proud about it.

Last week, after Jen had to explain to her hubby why she needed 9 pillows on their bed, she decided that all of us needed to showcase how many pillows we all had.

We learned that some of you didn't care for decorative pillows, some of you loved them, and some of you didn't care one way or the other because you never made our beds anyway (Except to take the pic to link up. Thank you! We feel so special!).

One thing is for certain: Looking at all of those pillows made us very... very... sleepy.


--Oh wait, we've gotta finish this dang post.

liz lemon

The winner of Mommy Reality Challenge #17: pillow POWER is:

Kristen from Mommy in Sports! Kristen submitted her photo to last week's link-up via Instagram and we decided she is the winner because she has the most pillows out of all the submissions, even beating Jen! Here is your meme, Kristen, and since you’re the winner, you now have the opportunity to join the Mommy Reality team by co-hosting next week’s challenge! We hope you’ll accept!



Our runner-up spot goes to Dear Ann Abler who posted her pic on Facebook and then linked up. Apparently, she was trying to take a photo of her bed, but her interior designer (her toddler) had a different agenda:

Dear Ann Abler Thanks to all who participated in Pillow Power! And thanks to our very special co-host, Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy who rocked her co-hosting duties!

Time for the next challenge!


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A few weeks ago we announced a change to our format! The winner of our Mommy Reality Challenge would get to join the Mommy Reality Team for the following week as our co-host!

Introducing this week’s co-host!

janineJanine from Encourage Play!

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As a reminder, Janine won the "The Last Thing I Spent Money On" challenge.

Janine is a mommy and a licensed mental health counselor working in mostly elementary and middle school settings. Her goal is to provide families with the tools and resources that will allow all children to play and make connections with peers. Go check out her blog when you get the chance!

Our new Mommy Reality Challenge Theme: “Treat yourself”

You hear this all the time from personal financial gurus: "Just give up your daily Starbucks drink and you will save SO much money!". Well, here at Mommy Reality, we're giving you an excuse. It is your DUTY to treat yourself to your favorite drink this week. Whether it's that latte from Starbucks, a smoothie from Jamba Juice or a 20 oz soda from one of those mini fridges in the checkout lane at Wal*Fart. We want to see what kind of drink tickles your taste buds when you feel like pampering yourself a 'lil.

alo drink

To kick things off, Celeste is posting a pic with her favorite drink: ALO Drink, which is super delicious and hydrating with bits of Aloe Vera in the bottle--- but it's hard to find as it's not sold a lot of place... of course! So she has to drive nowhere near anywhere she ever needs to go to get it. As a result, she doesn't get it very often. Oh well, you've gotta take hits in the gas tank to pamper yourself in the name of Mommy Reality sometimes!

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