My Amazing Monster

My Amazing Monster Review Encourage Play

I attended the Chicago Toy and Game Fair in November and it was AWESOME!! I met some wonderful people and found some really great toys. I'll be adding those to my resource lists for families and for schools at Encourage Play, but I wanted to highlight one of my favorite finds from ChiTAG.

My Amazing Monster

Beth Cimler created a playful way to help kids manage their worries. Gobble is a super cuddly monster who has a special power. He can eat worries! Children can write or draw their worries on a piece of paper, then have Gobble eat them.

The beauty of this is that you can later go in and read the children's worries and start a discussion about how to deal with it. Beth's wrote a book to go along with Gobble, focused on going to the hospital. She also has a book coming out soon about being bullied. I can't wait to read it!

My own children love Gobble. The day I got home, they started using him, and we had some good discussions about their worries. It even helped me understand more about my daughter's worries about the dark and we figured out a different way to set up her bedroom to help. What a phenomenal resource!


Anxiety can prevent children from making connections with others. They may be anxious about specific activities, or they may be anxious in certain social situations. When children are able to manage their anxiety and worries, they are more able to participate in social interactions, and start & maintain friendships with others.

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