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Pinterest in Real Life -  Pinterest projects don’t always go as planned.  Often the end result doesn’t look like the perfect pictures you see, but it’s not about how it looks.  The important thing is that you’re exposing your kids to new shared experiences.  It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be fun or playful.  

 The oatmeal container once we attached the painting.

The oatmeal container once we attached the painting.

Recently I've been inspired by the Project Recycle and Create on P is for Preschooler to use some recycling to make new creations with the kids. I was thinking about the food container October challenge and I was inspired by this post from Deceptively Educational to make a homemade planetarium.  Of course, I lost track of time and didn't get to that project in October, but the kids and I still had a great time making it.


We took a piece of construction paper and decorated it like the sky with sparkly paint. The kids used q-tips to make stars in different colors. Then they wanted to make other paintings using the q-tips, so we did that too - we needed to let the paint dry before we attached it to our oatmeal container anyway.


Oatmeal container planetarium 2 by Encourage Play

I cut out several circles of construction paper in different colors that were the size of the lid. Initially, I made real constellations but then the kids asked to make up their own. I thought that was a fantastic idea!


We shut off all the lights and used our new planetarium on the some walls and ceilings. They loved it! We kept playing with the flashlight in the planetarium and saw how the distance of the flashlight changed the size of the stars. My daughter even asked to bring it to her room that night so she could use it at bedtime. It was a hit!!

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