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I found Go Noodle through a great website I discovered recently, Savvy School Counselor.  Go Noodle is a website that provides brain breaks for kids.  I wanted to check it out for my own family and see how it worked.  You can sign up for free, and you can specify if you are a teacher or a parent.  I signed up as a parent, and I was looking forward to trying a couple of these brain breaks with my own children.


On the site, you can choose different categories of brain breaks.  You can choose by age, by the length of the break or type of brain break, like energizing, calming, or even Math or ELA.  I saw Zumba for kids, and I had to try it; Zumba is one of my passions and a great brain break for me.  My four year-old son wanted to try one song, and then wanted to try a few more!  He said “it doesn’t matter if I make a mistake, I just keep going!”, I was so happy to hear that!  And he was having a great time.  

zumba for kids

My daughter wasn’t interested in doing Zumba, so I decided to try a different brain break for her.  She’s had a hard time transitioning back after our vacation, and readily admitted that today was a tough day.  At bedtime, we did a few different calming brain breaks, including a few from the Flow brain break.  Flow has two main categories - attitude and stress.  We did rainbow breath from the stress category and chin up and weather the storm from the attitude category.  She said she really enjoyed it and asked to do more tomorrow night at bedtime.

flow by gonoodle

I think this site is great for parents and for teachers to use to provide a break and change the mood of a home or a classroom.  Try it out!!

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