Outdoor Fun in the Snow

Building Blocks and Acorns is hosting a month long theme of outdoor play. I’m pleased to be a part of this group of wonderful bloggers and I’m so excited to see what everyone is playing outside! I live in New England, and I originally thought, I can do a late Winter/early Spring gardening activity with the kids. And then it snowed for the month of February. Like EPIC snow. Like 102” of snow. And so I obviously had to change my plans and include snow in my outdoor play challenge.

Here are 8 activities we’ve done to get outside this winter and play when we can.

Run around in the fallen untouched snow

My son loves to be the first to make paths in snow. Even when there’s a ton of it on the ground, he moves and explores.

Make a snowman

This might seem like an obvious one, but for those readers unfamiliar with snow, the consistency has to be right. If not, you cannot properly form a snowman, which is disappointing. Unfortunately, most of the snow we got has been not good for snowmen, this year.

Look for animal tracks

After one storm, we were looking to see if we could find any animal tracks or see any birds around. We saw a bunch of birds hanging out by our neighbor’s house. We also found a few sets of tracks. The kids and I had a very cute discussion about animals staying warm when it’s so cold outside.

Make snow angels

Find a good spot, sit down and move your arms and legs - so much fun! You can make a whole bunch of them and it will look pretty cool from up above.

Make a tunnel

A few years ago, we had another very snowy winter. During recess the kids at my school were making these elaborate snow tunnels. It was great to see them working together and making something they were proud of. This year my own kids asked me to make a tunnel for them. I went to our driveway, and made a little tunnel passageway for the kids to get into the backyard. Not only was this a unique way for them to move in the snow, it was also practical. Now they had a really easy way to get into the backyard!

Make snow castles

We were playing on the deck in the snow, and we found our sand buckets in the storage container. The kids started making snow castles, and the buckets “worked perfectly” as my son said. My son would make several, then run through them or kick them down. My daughter made a few and started embellishing them with the icicles we just knocked down from the gutters. They played outside for an hour just doing this. Awesome!

Make an igloo

So I’ll be honest and say that Eskimos would laugh at our pathetic attempts at igloos, but the kids LOVE making them. Or more accurately, watching me make them. Blocks fall down, or fall apart, sometimes a section gets knocked down. We usually just end up making a wall of bricks, instead of a real igloo. But they love it.

Go sledding

We live very close to a middle school in our town, famous for a huge hill perfect for sledding. We’ve never ventured down there but every time there’s a storm, the wind moves in between our house and our neighbor’s house in such a way that it makes our own little sledding area right at home.

Here are 3 other snow day activities I’ve found recently that look awesome. It’s given me some inspiration for more outdoor snow fun!

Make a maze

Make snow lanterns

Or maybe just go crazy and make an entire playground

Get outside and play in the snow!!

I even tweeted a play by play of one of our snow days. It’s funny because it’s true :-)

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