Outdoor Plans for the Summer

I’ve never been so excited for spring and summer as I am this year. We spent so much time indoors or surrounded by snow outside that I just want to live outside these days. We have a little play structure with swings and a slide, and we still have our tic tac toe set up outside. Last year, I made the space under our deck more appealing by adding some small stones, but I’ve been searching Pinterest and found some new ideas for outdoor play. Here’s what I’m thinking about setting up over the spring and summer for fun with the kids!

Outdoor Plans for the Summer from Encourage Play

Make a living teepee

I’m feeling especially inspired by this one from Joyful Toddlers. I’ve always wanted to grow plants into a teepee. I’m actually going to do it this year. I’m trying to find a space that will get plenty of sun but will be wide enough for the kids to play in.

Balance beam

I found this post from My Little Me on how to make a balance beam. It’s simple, and I think my son would especially love it.

Fairy Garden

I love fairy gardens so much I made an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it. I’m debating about making one either in a pot or on a big tree in our backyard. Maybe even both!

Bird Feeder

We had a bird feeder attached to our kitchen window a couple of years ago, and we had such fun watching the birds stop and eat and listening to them chirp. We didn’t do it last year, but I think we’re going to set it up soon. It’s so much fun to watch!

Fort on the Deck

I’ve seen some pins of some cool outdoor forts. Sometimes our deck can get really hot in the summer, so I’m trying to devise a way where we could set up an easy fort where we can escape from the sun, but still be outside.


I’ve had a garden for several years now, but for the first time the kids are making suggestions for what to grow and a few of them are things I’ve never tried before. They want to grow radishes, carrots and potatoes. I’ve never grown any of those outside here before (although we do have radishes and carrots growing in our indoor gardens). I’m willing to try it. Of course, I will be growing my favorites too, tomatoes and zucchini and squash. We may also grow peppers, and strawberries on the deck.

Water Wall

I’m inspired by this water wall from Mama OT. I think this might be one of my more ambitious ideas. I want it to be a moveable water wall, so I can keep it on the deck or move it underneath, depending on the weather. We’ll see how it goes!


How will your kids play outside this spring and summer?

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