Pinterest in Real Life - An Invitation to Play

Pinterest in Real Life -  Pinterest projects don’t always go as planned.  Often the end result doesn’t look like the perfect pictures you see, but it’s not about how it looks.  The important thing is that you’re exposing your kids to new shared experiences.  It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be fun or playful.  

My son just finished preschool for the year so I’m looking for activities to keep him busy during the day.  I’ve been checking out these really cool “invitations to play”.  I’ve see a couple of tutorials on setting up an invitation to play, like this one from the imagination tree and this one from Teach Preschool.  I wanted to set one up quickly yesterday and came across this one from Learn with Play at Home which required materials that I already had and I could set up fast.  I’ve done some activities on pinterest and then find that the set up takes longer than the actual activity, and that’s just annoying. But this one is quick!

We went down to the basement to get our play-doh, dinosaurs and trees (the pipe cleaners were already upstairs).  While we were down there, my son found a car ramp he hadn’t played with in a while and asked to bring it upstairs. I said sure!

I moved the table to the middle of the room and set it all up.  Here it is, looking so pretty.  The set up for this was really quick and I loved that.

However, my little one was not interested in playing with anything on the table.  He completely ignored it for 25 minutes.  Then he picked up a few pipe cleaners and played with them for a minute.

Then he put them down, and continued to completely ignore everything on the table.  Instead, he happily played with the ramp by himself until lunchtime.  So, he played, just not in the way I thought he would.  And, honestly, if he keeps himself entertained and isn’t running the risk of broken bones, I’m just happy to see him playing on his own.

I’m not giving up on invitations to play.  I have a lot of materials on hand, and I might try it again with some different things and maybe with my daughter around too.  

Have you ever done an invitation to play? What happened?

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