Pinterest in Real Life - Dinosaurs!

Pinterest in Real Life -  Pinterest projects don’t always go as planned.  Often the end result doesn’t look like the perfect pictures you see, but it’s not about how it looks.  The important thing is that you’re exposing your kids to new shared experiences.  It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be fun or playful.  

My son recently found his beloved tiny stuffed dinosaur, and he's been taking him everywhere over the last few days. If my kids express an interest in something, I like to follow their lead. I started looking for dinosaur activities on Pinterest.  Then I created an entire new board dedicated to dinosaurs, because I can't help it :-)

I decided to bring out dinosaur toys and books and have several dinosaur themed activities. My son and I talked about Friday being Dinosaur Day. Friday came along and I was super pumped...and he was not interested at all.

dinosaurs 1.jpg
dinosaurs 2.jpg


Finally he got interested to play in our blue indoor sand tray with the dinosaurs.


dinosars 3.jpg

Of course, right as we were about to start, we had to run an errand that couldn’t wait! Oh no!!  I didn’t know if he would be stay interested, but when we got back, he asked to play in the sand for a bit and was burying and finding dinosaurs. In keeping with the theme, we also watched Dinosaur Train. After a while, he decided he wanted to keep playing in the sand but not with the dinosaurs.

dinosaurs 4.jpg

I put the dinosaur toys to the side but kept them around to see if either my son or my daughter would continue to play with them. They did!  My daughter really is enjoying the blue sand, then cleaning the dinosaurs in the sink. We also read Danny and the Dinosaur, which they liked.  Two days later, we're on the deck playing with the dinosaurs and skeletons in the sand. They're not playing constantly with them but they have been cooperating outside for almost an hour. And that's awesome to see!!

Have you ever done playing around a theme? How did it go?

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