Pinterest in Real Life - Nature Walk Activity

Pinterest in Real Life -  Pinterest projects don’t always go as planned.  Often the end result doesn’t look like the perfect pictures you see, but it’s not about how it looks.  The important thing is that you’re exposing your kids to new shared experiences.  It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be fun or playful.  


One of my favorite things to do is go on a nature walk.  I love when my kids come along with me, but sometimes it can be a challenge to take two kids on a walk and not have them stop, sit in the middle of the trail and refuse to move (which has happened a few times) or say at mile 0.4 of a 1.6 mile trail that they want to go home (which has also happened a few times).  I finally realized it’s easier if they have a project to do on the walk.  As I love to do, I checked Pinterest for some activities to be done on nature walks.  I found a ton, but I really liked the idea of a picture scavenger hunt. The kids got cameras for Christmas this past year, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to use them.  I was inspired by this pin from Nurture Store.  

We decided to take pictures of the different colors we found on the walk and we talked about making a book out of them.  Once we began the walk, only my daughter ended up taking pictures. She took a LOT of pictures.  

Sometimes she took them when running.  It was so neat to see her focused and carefully looking at branches and rocks for different shades of colors to use.  She ended up taking pictures for about half of the walk, then we all walked/ran/skipped the remainder of the way, with snack and water breaks included, of course.  

nature walk 2

The trip was fun and nobody cried or complained, yay!  Of course, it took me a week and a half to upload her pictures to my laptop and then get them printed.  Then we finally made the book.

nature walk 3

 She really loves looking at her book and has been bringing it in her bag to school so she can look at it on the bus.  Nobody ever said a Pinterest project has to be completed in one day.  

Have you ever taken longer than a day to do a Pinterest project? How did it turn out?  Comment below!

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