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Pinterest in Real Life -  Pinterest projects don’t always go as planned.  Often the end result doesn’t look like the perfect pictures, but it’s not about how it looks.  The important thing is that you’re exposing your kids to new shared experiences.  It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be fun or playful.  

The kids were asking to do a project.  I honestly didn’t have any energy to do a more involved project because I had a summer cold (ugh!), so I had them look through some of my pinterest boards where I knew there were quick and easy projects.  I steered them toward this project from Our Thrifty Ideas because I knew the materials were already in the room.  So I got them their paper bags, googly eyes, glue sticks and pipe cleaners.

Pinterest in Real Life Paper Bag Monsters 1 from Encourage Play


 Immediately my son decided he actually didn’t want to use the paper bag.  He decided to glue eyes onto a piece of paper and cut out a mouth.  I think it's quite an adorable little monster, even though that wasn't the project.

Pinterest in Real Life Paper Bag Monsters 2 from Encourage Play

My daughter decided she wanted to make a 3 eyed monster.  She was having trouble with the hair, so I suggested we poke the pipe cleaners through the top.  That was easier said than done.  We lost a couple of eyes, but she was satisfied with a one eyed monster instead.  It was only after we finished that I realized the original pin used the bags with the flat part on the bottom and the open part on top, we used ours the opposite way. Oh well.  We had fun :-)

Pinterest in Real Life Paper Bag Monsters 3 from Encourage Play

Have you ever done a project? How did it go?

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