Under the Table Fort

It’s been a snowy and cold winter here in New England. Spring is my favorite season, so I wanted to do an activity with the kids to focus on Spring and get past winter. I joined a lovely bunch of bloggers all making forts this month as part of the Building Blocks and Acorns Fort Challenge. You HAVE to check out the other amazing forts that have been made, so many creative and awesome ideas for play!

I chose to do an under the table fort, because my kids have always enjoyed playing under our dining room table. For a long time, we used towels and blankets but they always fell down and it was frustrating. For Christmas 2013, I made the kids a special sheet that goes over our dining room table to create an under the table fort. It’s brightly colored and always makes me so happy to bring it out.

Under the table fort by Encourage Play

I was excited to set this up because we hadn’t played fort in a while. My husband wasn’t home, so while I set up the fort, I had the kids play a game together on the tablet, because I wanted everything to be a surprise! I put my homemade sheet fort over the table and put a bed sheet on the floor.

Art Supplies for the fort by Encourage Play


I attached some butterfly decorations and ribbon to the table, and I made a couple of tissue paper flowers. I gathered some springtime and gardening themed books and put them under the table as well. Then I gathered some art supplies for the kids to use - tissue paper, markers, tape, scissors, construction paper and springtime themed stickers. I also put some other figures near the fort in case they wanted to play with those too.



Here is the fort all set up (I taped up the side so you can see the inside). When all the sides are down, inside the fort is this lovely purple - blue hue from the sunlight going through the sheets. It’s so lovely, but it was hard to capture that color in a picture ;-)

Under the table fort set up by Encourage Play
Inside the fort by Encourage Play
 This is the fort from the top.

This is the fort from the top.

It was time to call the kids in. My daughter’s initial reaction - “Wow! This. is. so. cool!!!” My son - “Where is the paper? I need paper for my projects.” I showed him that there was paper, but he insisted he use his own. He then ran upstairs to get his own pad of paper and took it underneath to start his projects. They played under the table for a bit, then they played beside the table with figures. And of course, they got hungry. My son asked if he could eat his snack under the fort, and I said yes.


It was a nice change of pace for playtime. We kept the fort up all day long, and they went back to it from time to time.

Have your kids ever played in a fort?

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