Valentine's Day Activity: Traveling Hearts

Valentine's Day Activity: Traveling Hearts

Next week, my husband is leaving on a business trip and he will be gone for two weeks. It can be so tough on all of us when he is away! Since it will be Valentine's Day soon, I wanted to do something to remind him how much we love him and miss him when he's gone.

As a surprise, we are going to put a special present in his carry on bag. I was inspired by a gift I gave to him 17 (yes 17) years ago while we were dating. It’s a jar that contains all the reasons I love him. A couple of years ago, for Valentine’s Day, I added in some more of the reasons and he was really touched by it. I wanted to do something like that again, to help him get through his trip.

Here’s what we did:

We made 14 big hearts out of construction paper (one for each day he is gone). On each heart, the kids and I wrote or drew something that we love about him. For example:

  • He rough houses with them. They call it the lean over game, but it's more like the "let's tackle daddy" game.

  • He does amazing voices when he reads to the kids at night. The kids ask me to try, and I fail miserably.

  • He plays board games and video games with them, and they love it! They ask to play Lego marvel every day!

My son can only write his name and random letters right now, but he loves to draw little pictures. My daughter wrote full sentences or words about what she loved. We put each heart in an envelope with a date on it. My son didn’t quite understand what we were doing, but my daughter was SUPER excited to do this. She especially has a tough time when her dad is away, so I think this will be a great way for her to feel connected to him while he’s gone.

We did this project over a few days so it wouldn’t be too repetitive for the kids. Once we were all done, we put all the envelopes together and tied them with ribbon. I’ll sneak them into his bag before he leaves :-) Once he lands, I’ll ask him to check his bag to make sure he sees them. I think he’ll enjoy looking at all the different hearts throughout his trip. Before we know it, he'll be back home!

What is an activity you will be doing for Valentine’s Day?

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