What My Daughter Learned While Sewing

For Christmas my 7 year old daughter asked for a sewing kit. I love to craft and she’s been wanting to join in creating things. She has been wanting to learn how to sew for quite some time. Since Christmas, we've started several different projects and even finished one (a giraffe)! Here's a few lessons my daughter has learned through our sewing.


Quicker and faster isn't always better

When she initially started projects her stitches were really huge because she felt like if she did really big stitches the project would be finished faster. But then the batting started to poke out and she was quite sad. She had to learn that the stitches needed to be smaller in order for things to stay in place. Faster and bigger isn't always better.


My daughter has a hard time focusing. I call her a butterfly because she get so easily distracted by everything. When she first started sewing she got so distracted she didn't pay attention to where the needle is going or she focused on something else and lost track of what she was doing. After a few sewing lessons, she’s learned to pay attention to what's going on right in front of her instead of focusing on other things around her.

Creating is fun!

For her giraffe, she thought of the whole idea herself. We were using a gift certificate she got for her birthday, and she had already decided that she wanted to do a new sewing project. We went to the felt aisle. She saw a particular patterned felt and said immediately that she wanted to make a giraffe. Once we got home, she drew how she wanted the giraffe to look on a piece of stock paper, then we traced it onto the felt. I cut it out and set up the needle for her. She got to sewing, and she kept going until she was done.

Perseverance pays off

My daughter really likes the fact that she finally finished a project. She loves her giraffe so much. It’s one of her most prized possessions right now. She even brought it to school when she was star of the week to show her classmates.

Right now, she’s got a few different sewing projects going on (just like her mom!). We’re all about the process, not the product in our house. It's not going to be perfect, and that's okay. It’s been such a cool way to connect with her too.

             Yes, it's supposed to be a giraffe.  I recognize it looks more like a llama. But it's totally a giraffe.

            Yes, it's supposed to be a giraffe.  I recognize it looks more like a llama. But it's totally a giraffe.

How did you connect with your kids today?

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