Extra links to enhance your play date kit!

Origami Patterns

Paper stars

Fortune Teller - it even tells you where to put the numbers :-)

Cute Bag


Origami Box

A great site for tons of animal origami - you can choose between just looking at the steps in the pattern and animation of the origami being folded, which is super helpful! A really easy fun one is a Jumping Frog.


And here is a link to a youtube video on making a paper crane.  There is no talking, just some music as you watch a person fold the crane.

Duct Tape Crafts

Duct Tape Folder

Duct Tape Petal Bracelet

Duct Tape Flowers

Here is a link to 30minutecrafts.com with 25+ duct tape projects, including boots and a firefighter costume!

And here is another link to allkidsfreecrafts.com with 20+ duct tape projects, including coasters, earrings and a belt.