Keep The Holidays Simple!

Last week my daughter came home with a homework project about holiday traditions. It was really fun to talk through all the things that we do to get ready for Christmas. After my husband and I got married, we adjusted our Christmas traditions and then re-adjusted after we had kids. We keep adding a tradition here and there, but in general, we keep it really simple and uncomplicated. These are our current holiday traditions.

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Christmas Coffee Filter Snowflakes

This project started out as a way to keep the kids busy while I was making dinner one night. For some reason, I was really determined to make coconut flour tortillas. I’d seen the recipe on Against all Grain and they looked intriguing. However, the kids were having a difficult time being together and not irritating each other. In order to keep them busy, I took out some coffee filters, folded one and showed them how to make snowflakes. They loved it! It kept them busy enough that I was able to get all of my coconut flour tortillas made (they were delicious, by the way).  

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Book Review: Crowned!

My daughter absolutely loves princesses and fairies and all things pink and frilly. I like to look for books about topics she enjoys but I also want to find books that are empowering. The book Crowned fits that bill perfectly. This story is about a little fairy who wants to be queen but isn’t sure how to do it. She reads all sorts of fairy tales and tries to be queen by doing what fairy tales say to do to become queen (kiss a frog, lose a shoe, etc). But in the end, she ends up finding out that she can become queen just by her own actions.

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Coming Soon: Monthly Play Kits!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we first began Encourage Play! Since we’ve started, we’ve written close to 100 blog posts, made some great connections on Pinterest and Twitter and even started an Etsy store ;-)

When we first started, we had one product in our store. Over the last year, we’ve gotten great feedback on our friendship kits from both parents and professionals. We’ve been brainstorming about ways to help kids on play dates on a more regular basis.  

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Kindness Wall with Free Printable!

I originally posted this back in September. I created a free printable to make implementing a kindness wall easier, see below!!

Our kids tend to get along pretty well, and even when there’s an argument, they can get past it pretty quickly.  However, at the end of the summer and for the first week of the school year, our kids seemed to be more cranky and less patient with each other than normal. I’m not sure if it was because their bodies hadn’t adjusted to the new schedule or if they were just tired of going all day.  All I knew was that I wanted to change how they were acting toward one another.  I wanted them to focus on showing kindness to one another.  When I was a School Counselor, I helped start a Kindness Wall of Fame at my school.  Every time any adult saw a child do something kind, the adult could choose to give that child a star for being a kind member of our school.  I decided to implement our own Kindness Wall at home.

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