Guidelines for Imperfect Parenting

I’m so happy to have Nicole Schwartz from Imperfect Families guest posting today. Parenting is an exhausting, tiring job. Sometimes we get trapped into thinking that we need to be perfect parents all the time. The truth is, we all have good moments and bad moments. Nicole has some great guidelines for us to help reset when things don’t go as imagined and be awesome, imperfect parents!

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Random Acts of Kindness for Families

I love Random Acts of Kindness. I think it first started when I heard about what a local girl scout troop had done, completing Random Acts of Kindness. I loved the idea, and integrated it into some groups I was working with at the time. Recently, I’ve been doing acts of kindness with my family. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and think of a random act of kindness to complete. Here are several simple ideas to get you started. There are also websites where you can look for tons of other ideas for acts of kindness.

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Kids Working Together

Summer vacation is coming up for us (only 2 more weeks until school is done!) and I’ve been thinking about how to help the kids get along. Recently, there’s been a lot of picking on each other, and typical sibling squabbles. But my concern is that when they’re both home all day long that it’s going to get a little more intense. I want them to realize that they can enjoy each other’s company and not be combative with one another.

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Raising Butterflies

A couple of years ago, my mother in law got us a really cool gift. It was a kit to raise butterflies. My daughter was little at the time but she still enjoyed it. I remember raising butterflies in my classroom when I was in elementary school; I loved it then and I still love it now. What’s cool about the kit is that the butterfly house is reusable, so this year, all I had to do was order the caterpillars and I could get started.

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Social Thinking: Unthinkables - Worry Wall

Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking is a great way to talk with kids about social interactions and teach them expected ways to react to situations. I’ve discussed The Unthinkables Rock Brain and Glass Man before and given some resources you can use to talk with kids about how to defeat them. Worry wall is another Unthinkable that kids (and adults!) have a hard time managing. Here’s a quick lesson and some resources you can use when you are talking about Worry Wall with kids.

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Gardening with Kids

One of my big goals this summer was to get back to gardening. Before kids, I gardened every spring and summer and enjoyed all sorts of fresh vegetables. After kids, it got a little tough to get out consistently, so I stopped doing it for a couple of years. This year, the garden is back in full swing. I’ve wanted to get the kids involved with gardening too. Here’s what we’ve done together:

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Simple & Fun Activities with Balloons

We started going to a new dentist a few weeks ago and one of the prizes at the end was a HUGE balloon. They’ve lasted a while. My kids love balloons and ask to play with them frequently. Here are some simple ideas for playing with balloons.


Pretend the balloon is a tennis ball and bat it back and forth using tennis or badminton rackets. If you don’t have any handy, you can make your own. All you need is two paper plates, something for a handle (like popsicle sticks or chopsticks) and duct tape. Then start the game.

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Using A Treasure Hunt to Work on Social Skills

I love to set up treasure hunts because it’s awesome and fun. But did you know you can actually use them to help kids work on social skills?

What social skills can a kid work on by doing a treasure hunt?

It’s a great way to work on picking up on clues around us. It’s also wonderful practice for kids to work cooperatively, take turns, and problem solve.

Why do kids need to be able to pick up on social clues?

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Resources to Understand Sensory Challenges

Have you ever heard these words?

I think my child has sensory issues.

He just got a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder.

That child struggles with sensory integration.

There are so many different words people use to talk about sensory issues. And if you’re ever on Pinterest, you have probably seen ideas and projects about sensory play. But what does that all mean? I have to admit, when I first started hearing about sensory, it was confusing. Here are some books and resources I’ve found to be informative and helpful when talking about all things sensory.

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