Book Review: “How to make and keep friends: Tips for Kids to Overcome 50 Common Social Challenges"

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This is an awesome book! It covers 50 social situations and gives ten tips for how to manage each situation successfully.  

The authors cover a lot of social situations, such as how to join a group or managing conversation challenges.  My favorite section is probably the tips for being a good friend, where they give common sense strategies for being a good play date guest, or good play date host and how to handle varying house rules.

It's a super quick read and great for both kids and adults. You can look up which specific situation you are faced with, and you can flip right to that section. I highly recommend it!  

Nadine and Donna also have published another book “How to make and Keep Friends: Coaching Children for Social Success”.  This is a book geared towards parents and professionals who work with kids who are struggling socially. 

By Nadine Briggs, Donna Shea





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