5 Helpful hints for a play date at your home

Play dates are a popular way for kids to get together and hang out, but some kids struggle on play dates.  If you think your child may have difficulty on a play date, it may work best to have a first play date with a new friend at your own house.  Your child may feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. You’ll be able to keep an eye and ear out during the play date so you can  step in if things start to break down. Here are some helpful hints when setting up and hosting a play date at your home.

  1. Talk with your child about who they want to invite over to the house. Help them choose one child who seems friendly and kind.

  2. If your child feels comfortable, have them approach the child to suggest a play date. You can role play it with your child beforehand, including what to do if the other child says no.

  3. If your child feels more comfortable asking over the phone, here’s our resource to assist children when making phone calls to others.

  4. Remind your child to be polite and respectful to your guests.  Talk through specifics - how can you show respect during a board game?  how can you be polite even if you don’t agree with your friend? what happens if your friend wants to play a game and you don’t want to?

  5. If your child has special items/toys that they don’t want touched or broken, move them to a safe spot where they won’t be touched.

These simple tips should help set up successful play dates at your home.  Have fun!!

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