Book Review - Project Dad: Make Every Day an Adventure With Dad

Book Review - Project Dad from Encourage Play
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I saw this book and immediately thought it would be cool. My husband loves to work with the kids and do things with them, but arts and crafts really aren’t his thing. He likes to play video games with them, take them on outings, or play outside. When he saw the book, he thought it would be cool to do a couple of the projects inside. We’ve done a few of the projects inside already and we can’t wait to try more. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Paper Glider

I know the book is titled Project Dad, but as soon as we got it in the mail, my son was asking to try to make the gliding airplane. My husband was working, so my son and I got to work.

We’ve made paper airplanes before, but this one was different. We immediately went to the recycling bin and pulled out a box. It was on the small side, but I was hoping it would still work. I printed out the template, cut it out and traced it onto the box while my son watched a video on YouTube. Then we cut out the plane parts. The project called for modeling clay, all we had was homemade playdough, so I gave it a shot.

It totally worked! It went really far and my son loved it! When it did hit the wall, the top wing popped off frequently, but we were able to easily put that back in. He loved it. And now we decided that this book ROCKED and we needed to do more from it.

Imaginative Questions

As soon as I saw the Imaginative Questions conversations, I thought they would be perfect for sparking conversations at dinner. What a fun activity to do as a family! In order to protect the book from getting stained/spilled on, I wrote out the questions on some paper and put them in a question box. My son can’t read yet, but he picks out which question to answer and gives it to one of us to read. And I’ve also discovered my son needs to answer before my daughter, otherwise, he just parrots her answer. It’s been really interesting and neat to learn more about each other this way.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

We go on nature walks pretty frequently, and I’m always looking for a different activity for us to do when we walk. We’ve taken pictures before and we’ve counted the different types of animals we’ve seen, but we’ve never done a scavenger hunt...until now! There’s a whole list of suggestions for a scavenger hunt. Because we were walking in our neighborhood, not at a park, I chose nine of the items and wrote them out on a grid, which I glued onto cardstock. We took a jar with us to hold our dirt and grass. We were able to do 3 of the nine items on our very quick walk.

We’ve only done 3 activities in this book, and it’s been awesome. I would definitely recommend it for family fun time. Next up for us - Bug Hotel!!

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