Creative Problem Solving Activities for Kids

Imagine a group of 4 kids, ranging from 9 - 14, working together, cooperating and solving some unusual and silly problems together. They were smiling, and proud of what they created.

This actually happened. And it was glorious to witness!

When I ran a summer program a few years ago, I was looking for fun and different ways to work on social skills. I came across a resource full of creative problem solving prompts for kids. There was a list of different materials you could use and a ton of problems to solve. It was such a hit at summer program, I wanted to do it at my own home with my own kids. My two kids cooperated, and we even did some of these during a playdate. Here’s how you can set it up at your home...

Gather the following materials from around your home

Feel free to substitute if you don’t have something. This is meant to be easy to set up, not extra work for you!

  • Paper Straws

  • Cotton Balls

  • Yarn

  • Paper Cups

  • Clothespins

  • White Cord

  • Tape

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Paper Clips

  • Sticky Notes

Using these 10 materials, solve any 2 of the following problems. You don’t have to use all the materials to solve the problem, but they are all available for you:

  1. Make a device to move a stuffed animal from one room to another without touching the ground

  2. Devise a slide for mini figures

  3. Make a leprechaun trap

  4. Create a jump ramp for cars

  5. Using at least 4 supplies, build the highest tower you can

  6. Make up your own game - make sure you remember to make rules for how to score and win.

  7. Make a device for two people to communicate to one another

  8. Using at least 3 supplies, make a device that can roll 3 feet

  9. Build a house for a small figure

  10. Make an invention that a kid would love

My children made a slide for their mini figures that went from the second floor to the first floor. It was a riot.

I’d love to see what your children create. Please share your creations on our facebook page!!

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