3 Ideas for successful play dates at someone else's home

Once you start having play dates at your home, inevitably a family may ask your child to come over to their home for a play date.  This step can be a little overwhelming for some kids, so here are a few ideas to make the transition a little easier.

  • Talk about what it means to be polite and respectful at someone else’s home (listening and following the directions of the adult in charge, asking before touching or playing with anything, etc).

  • Discuss the fact that expected behavior may be different at other peoples homes -  do your shoes stay on or should you take them off?  Where do you eat snacks?  Where are you allowed to play?, etc.  Remember, what is acceptable at home isn't always acceptable at your friends home AND what isn’t acceptable at your house may be fine at your friend’s home.

  • Give your child a couple of suggestions of games to play or things to suggest doing if they aren’t interested in what is available at their friend’s home.  Your child might even bring an activity or game they really like, just in case.  

As always, if your child has a difficult time on play dates, make sure the hosting parent knows what that looks like and keep it short and structured.  Enjoy and have fun!

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