Our Favorite Arts and Crafts Supplies

We love arts and crafts in our house! But you don’t need to have a ton of fancy supplies to have fun and be creative. I realized recently that my kids are always reaching for the same supplies, and they’re not always expected. Here are some of our favorite arts and crafts supplies!

Our Favorite Arts and Crafts Supplies from Encourage Play


We love all kinds of tape. We love duct tape, masking tape, scotch tape and packing tape. We’ve made roses on pencils out of duct tape, we’ve made hopscotch on our rug indoors with masking tape. We even made a DIY dry erase board using cardboard, packing tape and paper.


My kids love cardboard. We love the big boxes for making forts or small boxes for creating places for toys. The kids are working on a house for shopkins (these shopkins have so many housing options!). We even made a homemade foosball table the other morning. Whenever it’s time to start a new project, the kids run to the recycling bin first :-)


I got these for Christmas for the kids. They’re fantastic. They are little screws and tools made specifically to work with cardboard. We got a couple of little kits to make things, but my favorite way to use them is just on plain cardboard.


We use both paper straws and plastic straws for all sorts of projects. I set up an invitation to play with straws and beads and pipe cleaners once, it led to some interesting results.

Paper plates

Did you know there are a ton of crafts you can do with paper plates? We’ve made farm animals, owls, butterfly crafts and containers for holding things.

Paper bags

When I was little, I used to love making puppets out of paper bags. The kids and I do that on a regular basis. They’re so much fun!

Sparkly Markers

We have the metallic crayola markers that we use all the time. The colors are super vibrant and sparkly. These are the markers the kids choose to use first every time.

Sticky Note Art from Encourage Play

Sticky notes

Who doesn’t love post it notes? We think they’re the best. My daughter found some flower shaped ones and used them to put up a treasure hunt for me. She also wrote her math facts on some and put them in her room. My son likes to use them as little art pads, drawing on one then sticking it somewhere and repeating the process.


Egg cartons

We’ve done some neat projects with egg cartons. We made jumping spiders and a caterpillar. You could even start seeds in them!

I hope this inspires you to look at everyday items in your house to use for art projects. What are your favorite arts and crafts supplies?

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