RAK: Gifts for Dance Class

My daughter loves to dance, and for years she kept asking if she could take lessons. Finally, when she was in Kindergarten I signed her up for a local tap, jazz and ballet class. I found a great small business that was right around the corner from us. This place seemed perfect! The teacher, Ms. Amy,  is wonderful and she sets a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. She even keeps extra tap and ballet shoes we can use. It’s so thoughtful. We’ve been going ever since. The classes are small, and both years the dance teacher’s daughter has been in my daughter’s class. The teacher and I have become friendly over time, chatting about our kids, schools, etc.

One of my daughter’s favorite things about class is the notecard she gets at the end. Every week, the teacher gives the girls a little notecard saying “Wonderful Dancing” or “Excellent Dancing” then she lets them pick stickers and use stamps.

I asked my daughter how she felt about doing something nice for her teacher and the kids in her class. My daughter is very attuned to what adults say, and she heard the dance teacher say that she is running out of stickers and note cards. We talked about replenishing her supplies. We also talked about making little books for the other girls in the class and giving them some special homemade crayons.

I went to the dollar store and found some sticker books. I also scoured my ridiculously large collection of office supplies and found a ton of little index cards. My daughter and I put the cards and the sticker books into a gift bag and she made Ms. Amy a card.

RAK Gift for Ms Amy from Encourage Play

Next we started working on the presents for the girls.  My son and daughter worked together to make heart crayons. They peeled off the paper and put all the crayons in our heart mold. The crayons turned out wonderfully well! I made little books for the girls in her class. It was so much fun to do something for someone else. We couldn’t wait to see their faces when we surprised them!

RAK Gifts for the girls in dance class from Encourage Play

We walked into dance class with our gifts. At first Ms. Amy and the girls were confused and then delighted and touched by their gifts. Ms. Amy loved the spring colors of the packaging. The girls absolutely loved the crayons. Ms. Amy said she had just put a couple of index cards in her purse to help remind her to get some more. It was perfect timing. They used the stickers and cards at the end of dance class. It felt wonderful to do something kind for others. My daughter loved it so much! She was beaming before and after class!

RAK Gifts for Dance Class from Encourage Play

Have you ever done a random act of kindness for someone?

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