Secret Messages

Secret Messages by Encourage Play

I like to do all sorts of different activities with my kids, and I have a Pinterest board all about detective/secret agent activities. One activity I’ve done a few times is writing secret messages for the kids. I’ve also used this activity in social groups to talk about hidden messages, and it was a hit!

My kids are recovering from being sick. I wanted to do a simple project with them for fun. While they were eating a snack, I wrote a message in white crayon on a white piece of paper - one for him and one for her. Then I set out the watercolors and water. They came to sit down to the project, and I realized I had forgotten the brushes, oops! I went to get them brushes and I had them start painting to figure out what the message was.

My son used blue - his favorite color, and initially couldn’t see anything, but then got really excited when he started to see some words. My  daughter painted hers in different colors in layers. The hidden message was one sentence, with the first part on my son’s paper and the second part on my daughter’s. The secret message was “Do you want a movie tonight?” I think tomorrow is going to be another snow day, so I figured we could do something fun together tonight.

After my initial message, my daughter took my son in the other room to make a secret message for me. Then it turned into a scavenger hunt for me to do. Their first clue to me was to go to my daughter’s room. Then they started writing messages to me in marker, since we were upstairs away from the white crayon and water colors. Then I had to come downstairs and find….something. I’m still not sure what I was supposed to find. No matter what, we had some snow day fun playing together by making messages for each other. Now it’s onto Nutella cupcakes!

What was the last activity you did with your kids?

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