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Books Videos and a Science Projecct for Kids who have big reactions by Encourage Play

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Inside: Books, Videos and a science experiment to talk with kids who have big reactions or overreactions to small problems.

I’m a fan of Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking. I recently started writing about the Unthinkables, starting with Rock Brain. Another Unthinkable that takes over kids brains frequently is Glassman. Glassman makes kids have huge upset reactions.

A great way to teach kids to manage Glassman is to review the size of problems and the size of reactions. If you are having a small problem, you should have a small reaction. When I talk about Unthinkables, I like to use visuals to help explain the lesson and give examples. Here are some books, videos and even a cool experiment you can use to talk about the size of reactions with kids.


Berenstein Bears In The Dark - Sister Bear is scared and has a huge reaction to being in the dark. It causes some bear family shenanigans overnight.

Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus - My family loves Mo Willems books. If there is ever a character who has Glassman take over their brain, it is the Pigeon.

The Day the Crayons Quit - The crayons have decided to quit and write letters to their owner. Hilarious and cute.

I Was So Mad - Little Critter gets so mad because he keeps asking to do things, but he can’t, so he decides to run away.

Grover Goes To School - Grover shares and looks out for everyone else, but eventually it turns out to be too much for him.


Bomb Bird from Angry Birds - He’s trying to stay calm, he even uses some calming strategies, but eventually he has a glassman moment.

Mr. Jelly - He is afraid and has huge reactions to every sound, even a leaf falling.

Mr. S Gets Attacked By Glassman - Adults acting out what Glassman taking over a brain looks like, then reacting in an expected way

Superflex and Glassman - Another video that uses adults to demonstrate Glassman moments, and Superflex moments.


Want to have a visual for glass man? Try this overnight crystal garden from babble dabble do. It’s delicate and a great visual to demonstrate the fragility of glass man. We tried it, and it worked!

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