5 Fantastic Games for Families

These games are great for families to play together.  These games build skills like flexibility, creative thinking and perspective taking. A lot of these games can also be used on play dates as well.


It’s an easy pattern recognition game, but there are all sorts of patterns to choose from, so you also have to be a flexible thinker.


This game is very popular, but it can be tricky because different people play by different rules.  It’s important to teach your child to make sure to talk with people before the game begins so everyone is on the same page when someone picks up a draw 4 or changes the color.  It’s good practice to try different uno rules at home and see which ones your kids prefer.



You pick a card, put it in your headband, and then ask the people playing with you yes or no questions to try and figure out what you are. You have to think of the kinds of questions you need to ask to get you closer to your answer. It can be hilarious!


Apples to Apples

I love this game because it makes people to think about someone else’s perspective.  What card will be chosen as the winner will change depending on who is judging.  





This game requires some creativity and imagination to make up stories with images you’ve rolled on the dice.  There are several different versions of the game out there, and it’s always interesting to see what adventures people tell.



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