5 Great Games for Play Dates

Just in time for the holiday rush, here are 5 games that are good for small playdates with 2 or more kids. For children that struggle on play dates it’s helpful to have games that are easy to explain and don’t take too long to complete.  The following games all match that description. They’re quick for kids to pick up and play, the first time or the 100th time.  


Spot it!

Each player gets a card. You have to spot the item that both cards have in common and whoever gets it first wins.  There are several versions, including numbers, letters, animals and sports themes.




This game is addicting.  I used it a lot at lunch groups as a school counselor. Kids have also told me they like the sound of the beads when they get dropped into the different sections.  



Connect 4

Another game that was very popular with the lunch group crowd. Sometimes kids would play tournaments, or have conversations about whether they played offensively (focused on winning) versus defensively (focused on preventing the other person from winning).


Thin Ice

Fun game where you use marbles, tweezers, a little water and tissues.  It’s always fun to see and hear reactions when the “ice” breaks.


Everyone has probably heard the sound of the trouble pop-o-matic.  I love this game because there are times you have to go back to start, and it’s a perfect opportunity to show flexibility and good sportsmanship skills.


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